Plexus Tutes

Layers : AE lights or 3D layers (Nulls)
Paths: Masks, you can have multiple masks and assign them to different groups.
OBJ: import 3D obj files.
Primitives: Cube or Sphere.
Instances: Other layers with Plexus on them.


Noise: Randomize Plexus
Spherical Field: deform plexus from a sphere shape
Container:  constrict plexus into a cube or sphere shape
Transform:  rotate or position plexus
Color Map: applies a colour map to points/lines/tris/facets
Shade Effector: relight/shade to points/lines/tris/facets

Maximum Distance: The Distance Between any two points until which the line remains solid, i.e. the line won’t start fading until this distance.
Fade out Distance: The distance after the Maximum distance, until which the line gradually fades out to zero.
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